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USS Vincennes Combat Information CenterOn 20 April 1988, during Fleet Exercise 88-1, Vincennes, commanded by Captain W. C. Rogers III, was given unexpected orders to proceed back to San Diego and make preparations to leave on a six month deployment. A 96-hour load-out and fitting of special armament ensued prior to deploying. One month later, with trans-Pacific and Indian Ocean speed records, the ship entered the Persian Gulf, to become part of the Joint Task Force in the Persian Gulf. During the course of this assignment it made fourteen transits of the Straits of Hormuz in support of Operation Earnest Will.

In February of 1990, Vincennes deployed on her third six month tour of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, In addition to covering the fleet with the "Aegis Shield" and coordination all Battle Group air events, Vincennes served as the Command and Control Flagship during Harpoon-Ex-90. Vincennes spent more time at sea during deployment than any other ship in the Battle Group. In July 1990. Vincennes returned home after steaming nearly 100,000 miles. She deployed with SH-60S LAMPS MK III Anti-Submarine helicopters from HSL-45 Det 13. The embarked LAMPS detachment was a tremendous asset and performed superbly in its Anti-Submarine Warfare and Anti-Surface Warfare roles.

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